The Italian Association of Meter Stamp Collectors, established in 1982, is a free, cultural and independent non profit association, without any political, religious, union or commercial affiliation.

The goals of AICAM are:

AICAM NEWS is the official quarterly bulletin of the Association. It's main goal is to increase the awareness of "mechanophily" (mechanical philately) through news articles, informative reports and specific studies provided by the members. The bulletin is open to member submissions and is also a useful means for communication between the Association Council and the members.

The Association has established it's own internet web site and it has received outstanding reviews from philatelic publications. The web site is routinely updated with event calendars, new issues of "Specimen" Meter Stamps, items of interest, clarifications, anniversaries, links and a wealth of other information.

The Yearbook (which is sent to all new members), lists all members and their interests. This allows any member to contact members with the same interests and start a one-on-one exchange of knowledge, ideas and material.

During the year many publications are issued on various subjects, dealing with meter stamps, any of which can be supplied for the cost of printing or photocopying plus postage. Since 1982 the Association has issued over 400 publications.

Every year, AICAM organizes an average of three events in different Italian towns. Supported by the local philatelic club, the Association prepares an exhibition of meter stamp collections (from 500 to 1000 sheets) and holds a meeting to manage Association business as well as an exchange of ideas and opinions. There is also an afternoon for the free exchange of material. For the occasion a booklet, of 48-120 pages, is published and given to the attending members. The events usually conclude with a social lunch and a free drawing with "meter stamp" prizes.

The collections-exhibition are always, and always will be, without judging. We are convinced that being non-competitive allows members the freedom to display what they like and this creates an atmosphere that we define as "the AICAM family".

During each of these events, one or more "specimen" meter stamps are issued, the slogan refers to the hosting place, or to history, to personages etc. These specimens are distributed freely to everyone. So far, more than 300 have been produced.

According to the 3/2008 issue of "Topical Time" AICAM has been considered "the most successful meter stamp group in the world right now".


La quota annua di associazione per il 2022 è di 35,00 Euro per l'Italia (salvo successive variazioni) e dà diritto:

La quota annua di associazione per l'estero è di 35,00 Euro con spedizione del notiziario via e-mail, oppure di 55,00 Euro con spedizione cartacea. Le richieste di iscrizione o di ulteriori informazioni vanno inviate al Segretario dell'Associazione:

Manlio De Min
Via Grandi 10 F
20051 Cassina de' Pecchi (MI)

e-mail: oppure

I pagamenti possono essere effettuati preferibilmente tramite bonifico alle seguenti coordinate bancarie:
- IBAN IT36V 07601 01600 00 10224 04527
intestatario: Manlio De Min (non AICAM)
oppure versamento sul c.c.p. 10224 04527 intestato a Manlio De Min (non AICAM)